Publications and Contributions  

Nimah's widely-read academic articles and essays have been translated into Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic including others

Her poetry has been published on several websites, translated into numerous languages, included in anthologies and taught at schools and colleges in Arabia, the U.S, Canada, Singapore , Japan, India and others. Her work has been included in various international anthologies.

She is also a poetry judge and facilitator of poetry sessions and workshops in several countries.

As a reviewer noted: "Her voice speaks to the truths in all our lives regardless of nationality. It is a voice advocating justice, compassion and a basic respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere."

Nimah's work has been featured in various print, radio and television documentaries.

Contributions to Publications


Contributions to books or authorship

Harbringers of Change by Nimah Ismail Nawwab Arab News, January 7, 2009
Reference: Sara Farooqi's blog Muslims for Progressive Values
Reference: Musawah website

The Unfurling, Poems -  publihsed in the U.S.,   available at Amazon, internationally
and  also at Jareer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For book reviews for this best-selling volume (click here).

Makkah and Madinah - working title by Explorer Publishing - Photobook

A Land Transformed- contribution to section on Women in Saudi Arabia

Upcoming Anthologies

Side by Side: New Poems Inspired by Art from Around the World, Award winnig editor and author Jan Greenberg --to be released Spring 2008

Other Voices Anthology Project Editor Roger Humes

Released Anthologies

The World Strand Edited by Joneve McCormick and Shimanta Bhattacharyya Mandelbachtal -Cambridge 2006

I Belong Anthology British Council 2007


Nimah's widely-read feature and academic articles have been translated into Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic including others

Latest pieces

The Price of Abuse, Arab News

The Fate of our 'Protected' Saudi Women by Nimah Nawwab Middle East Times

For Fatimah, by Nimah Nawwab, Arab News

Below are links to some articles in Aramco World Magazine--the majority are cover stories

14 Centuries of Hospitality, Aramco World March/ April 2001

Painting Cultural History, Aramco World January/ February 2001

Beit Al Qur'an: Religion, Art, Scholarship, Aramco World May/June 2000

The Children's Kingdom, Aramco World November/December 1995
and reprinted in compilation

The Culinary Kingdom, Aramco World January/February 1999

The Journey of a Lifetime, Aramco World July/August 1992
and reprinted

The Suqs of 'Asir , Aramco World July/August 1998


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